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School Visit – Tuesday 28th November – Thurston Community College 

Tom and Paul from the Clinical Team visited Thurston Community College last week to run workshops with pupils and staff about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Focus12 believes that education is really important in ensuring future generations can understand and resist the urge to use. We encourage people to talk about their issues, concerns, worries and feelings, rather than to supress them with legal or illegal substances. Phil Williams, of Thurston College, wrote a kind letter of thanks, which we are keen to share:

“As soon as I’ve got a date for next year I’d like to book you to come again to do the same for our current Year 9’s. One thing I didn’t let on was that my youngest son was in the audience – you and Paul (and the day) were all we talked about at tea on Tuesday night.  If that was replicated across our school community the impact should be invaluable.”  

We, too, are grateful for the opportunity to spread the word about the hazards of excess and drink/drug abuse.

If you, or anyone you know in business, education or community fields think that workshops like this could be a benefit, please do get in touch with us to discover more.

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