Support for Focus12

We have numerous supporters that we consider members of the Focus Family. While we acknowledge all donors individually, we do not have the resources to maintain an up to date list of all the people who have contributed to the growing prosperity of Focus12.

The Green Door of Gratitude

Chip Somers, Rehab, Green Door of Gratitude, Addiction Treatment

Our Founder, Chip Somers, receiving his Green Door of Gratitude from Henry Chevallier-Guild, Chairman of Trustees, 24th September 2017

Some people give more than just their support to our cause. We are blessed with many who give up their time, their address books, their love and their money to sustaining Focus12. With further government cut backs Focus continues to rely on the generosity of some core supporters to weather the storm. Earlier this year we decided to acknowledge our special friends, who have gone above and beyond on our behalf. We feel that The Green Door of Gratitude is an affordable and heartfelt way of illustrating our gratitude without grandiosity. Based on the iconic front door of 82 Risbygate Street, this replica door is handmade from recycled wood by Chris from Keep On Crafting, personalised in calligraphy and once mounted represents everything that is Focus12. To see the supporters who have been awarded a Green Door of Gratitude, click here.