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Here are some of things clients and their families have said about how Focus12 has helped them.

“Focus12 saved my life… abstinence is the only way to recover” KW
“…dignified support for addicts and their families…The fact that clients are not kept in a locked down facility enables them to learn about the real world and recover with dignity. It is a genuinely loving place; everyone there is entirely kind and do their job because they care about recovery, not profit.” SF
“It helps everyone as a whole, not just the addict” AJ
“It was the first place I felt at home for years” SE
“It is a good, brilliant place, if you want to get help” PG
“Focus12 is a fantastic place to learn how to look after yourself and not be an enabler” LH
“Focus12 offers a great caring environment with clear boundaries and expectations for clients… with love, ML” ML
“It has helped us no end, and we’ve made so many nice friends with similar experiences of addiction. Not sure where we’d be without this wonderful group, and all the help we’ve had” JB
“Focus12 saved our daughter, for which we are eternally grateful” P
“We feel very strongly that Tony’s arrival will put Focus12 very much back on course, and we wholeheartedly support him” PS
“Focus12 has a positive approach to treating addiction. It is the place where I started my journey of recovery” JC
“Focus12 helped my stepson recover from addiction. They are incredible; he is a different child now- he has a future; we have a future as a family together.” LJ
“It was my primary path to sobriety. The best part? It felt like home rather than an institution” CK
“…welcoming and inclusive.” SP
“I would have lost my son without your support. You saved my son’s life.” AL
“Focus12 saves lives” TA
“I am now six months down the line since being at Focus12, and I haven’t had a drink. So what I do know, it works. Thank you all the team at Focus12” DA
“The best thing that ever happened to me- Focus12 totally changed my life” KA
“All I need to say is: The Reassurance of The Green Door.” LI
“Strong feelings for Focus12? Yes, I want it to survive and grow” Chip
“At Focus12 they teach you how to live, really live, without the need for substances. They allow you to follow your dreams” AN
“Tough love. NO sugar coating” JM

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