We provide treatment for adults addicted to drugs or alcohol, and support for their families and loved ones.

Our treatment programme can be split into three areas:

bury st edmunds, addiction treatment centre

Pre-admission, Assessment, Admission

THE JOURNEY begins when a client makes contact with our admissions specialists.

They take clients slowly through what we do, gauging:

  • The addiction
  • Physical and mental needs
  • The need for a detox
  • The desire to engage

They discuss the relevant FUNDING OPTIONS and decide if we are the right facility for the client.

This is followed by a FINAL ASSESSMENT and if needed, time with our consultant psychiatrist or addiction nurse.

A recommendation is then made to the admissions panel and an ADMISSION DATE is confirmed.

This can be done in 24 hours or may take several weeks if clients need time to sort their affairs before joining us.

Throughout this period we maintain contact with the client and open channels with their loved ones to provide them with support.

When clients are admitted they are assigned a counsellor who will lead their treatment. They have weekly FEEDBACK sessions with one of our admissions team.


DETOXfor some clients, treatment may begin with a detox monitored by our medical staff, counselling and admission teams.

GROUP THERAPY – we use counsellor facilitated group sessions to ensure clients benefit from the experience, honesty and challenge of their peer group.

ONE to ONES – clients spend time every week on a one to one basis with their counsellor exploring their addiction and understanding the damage it’s causing them and others. They also spend time with their key worker looking at benefits claims, housing options and debt management as well as developing their plan for a new life.

COMPLIMENTARY TREATMENT – clients enjoy yoga, art, drama and music workshops on a weekly basis. These bring a new dimension to life and provide strong therapeutic messages in a more relaxed way.

AA & NA – during treatment we encourage clients to attend meetings every week. This helps them build a strong support network.

FAMILY CONFERENCES – the collateral damage of addiction can be massive. Families are torn apart and left feeling used and hurt. We facilitate meetings for clients and families to explore this and rebuild trust and reconciliation.

GRADUATION – this is an inspirational day for all of us. We come together – clients, staff and visitors – to celebrate the successful completion of the frontline treatment.

Aftercare and Reintegration

After graduation, clients move into one of our AFTERCARE programmes, in Bury St Edmunds or London. On a weekly basis they can come to either facility for an aftercare meeting with their peer group and therapeutic team member.

12 STEP –  aftercare clients are encourage to actively follow a 12 Step programme with AA, NA or another mutual support group and to find a sponsor to support them.

REINTEGRATION SUPPORT – we help aftercare clients find volunteering opportunities and also get back into work.

We encourage clients to build a new life where they can become productive members of society but our iconic GREEN DOOR is always open for them.

We also provide a weekly FAMILY GROUP for those dealing with a loved one’s addiction. Whether there is someone in treatment; someone they would like in treatment; someone who has relapsed; someone who is clean after 20 years; or someone who has died, the group is still there offering support and friendship.


Clinical Provision

Our clinical team is overseen by our consultant Psychiatrist Dr Richard O’Flynn

Richard has 33 years of psychiatry experience and specialises in liaison and substance misuse. 

He has interests in Alcohol / drug dependency; Mood disorders (Depression & bipolar); Anxiety disorders; medico-legal assessment and specialises in eating disorders, pain management and psychophysiological disorders.

Client’s day to day medical health is managed by our specialist Addiction and Hepatology Nurse Lou Mascall. Lou trained at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridgeshire and has 34 years experience in both General and Mental Health Nursing. She has a diploma in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Studies, a Degree in Liver Disease, and has worked in the NHS, the private sector and forensics.

Lou is also married to Andy Mascall who also works as an emergency care practitioner in the community after gaining 25 years experience as a senior emergency paramedic. Between them they provide 24/7 basic and emergency medical cover for the whole Focus12 operation.

This cover and commitment ensures the clinical team is part of the Focus12 family, working with the counselling, admissions and administration team to make clients feel safe, cared for and at home when they’re with us.

Our Properties

Our properties are in the beautiful market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, within easy walking distance of our treatment facility and offices. The houses have a mix of single and twin rooms and are set up for between four and six clients to share.

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